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Dance research creates encounters!

Encounters build trust, inspire new ideas, and spark creativity. Through networking, knowledge is increased; through personal exchange, perspectives in dance research are examined, questioned, and concretized.

The Society for Dance Research fosters the discourse on dance in its manifold manifestations both on a national and international level. We bring together people who are interested in different aspects of dance, from art and culture, science and research, education and therapy.

Through its activities, events and conferences, the gtf facilitates communication and exchange: in dance research, dance education and dance performance. It provides the framework for a professional and international exchange and represents the interests of dance studies towards the political and cultural public.

Symposium 2019

in Dance and Science

Symposium September 27–29, 2019, Zurich

In collaboration with the IPF / Department Performing Arts and Film, ZHdK University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland

Sens(e)ation unites sense, sensibility, perception and intellect in one word and can also refer to an exciting event. This symposium will explore the relation between dance and science. By examining artistic methods and principles in dance, the variety of methods, both in practice and theory, shall be discussed.

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  • Tanz Raum Urbanität

    Tanz Raum Urbanität

    Hg. Marianne Bäcker, Mechthild Schütte

    Henschel Verlag Leipzig 2015 

    Jahrbuch Band 25 

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Report of the workshop on dance pedagogy

"Dance Education – Qualification, Scope of Activities, and Professional Profiles"

February 22nd, 2019, Ruhr-University Bochum

The objective of this workshop is to establish a project group for planning and preparing a conference on "Dance Education – Qualification, Scope of Activities, and Professional Profiles" – in cooperation with the Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen+ [Federal Association Dance in Schools+].
This conference is expected to take place in 2020. It will focus on current issues within the broad professional field of dance education including institutional structures of training in dance education, their policies, concepts, profiles and conditions.

Detailed report of the workshop (in German)

Research Award of the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung

For the first time, the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung e. V. (gtf) awards a prize for academic theses in Dance. The award aims to honor and encourage young scientists who are researching in the field of dance.

You can submit academic theses (bachelor's or master's theses, diploma, master's or exam work) in the field of dance at a scientific or artistic university in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Submission until 01. July 2019!

All information can be found here



Die gtf-Mitgliederversammlung hat Ende September einen neuen Vorstand gewählt!

 Die Vorstandsmitglieder stellen sich unter dem Menüpunkt "Über uns" vor.


gtf-Symposium 2018 "Tanz der Dinge / Things that dance"

Unser Symposium 2018 hat vom  vom 5.-7. Oktober 2018 am KIT - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie stattgefunden.

Lesen Sie hier den Symposiumsbericht.